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-What is dbraun99?

I provide engineering services for single and light twin aircraft

dbraun99 is the name of my consulting engineering firm. Prior to this I was a propulsion, mechanical systems and product improvement engineer on aircraft, a mechanical contractor, and had done my share of manufacturing engineering and technical writing. In addition, I developed many processes for the small commercial printing industry, which I then distributed nationwide.

I'm a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I also hold a commercial pilot's certificate with an instrument rating. I dusted off my Professional Engineer's license and have been offering my services to small companies who need engineering help. My clients are mostly aviation firms, and like a lucky few in the world, I can't believe they actually pay me for doing things that are so much fun! I do travel when needed, and just returned from North Carolina (2011, 2013 - 2019); a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012); and trips to the UK, Germany and Austria in (2013 - 2019); along with numerous trips to Wichita, KS, Seattle, WA, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, OH and Oshkosh, WI.

In 2009 I prepared the curriculum for the Aviation Program for youth at the Urban BaseCamp for the Northern Star Council, BSA. The program was rolled out for the first time in July of 2011. The same facility particpated in a historic NASA Downlink (where astronauts living in the International Space Station communicate directly to youth on the ground) in August, 2011. I was asked to prepare the 11 Scout based learning stations and create the complex scheduling logistics for the 240 Scouts, Girl Scouts, and school children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) used during the eight hour NASA Downlink event.

The FAA has appointed me as a Designated Engineering Representative in the area of Powerplants and Engines. This means I can approve design data for the FAA for powerplant installations, their accessories, propeller installations, cooling systems, fuel systems, oil filtering systems and the like; and I can approve Engine designs and related areas of block (certification) tests, performance, operation and overhaul manuals, and other service documents. Included in my appointments are Major Alterations and Major Repairs on Powerplant Installations and Engines. I can also work with other DERs who have appointments in other areas for approvals on non-powerplant systems including Aircraft Windows; Vortex Generators; Gross Weight increase approvals; Gap Seals and Landing Gear; for which I provide the engineering and compliance data.

I served as the Lead DER (on a team of five DERs) for the Engineered Propulsion Systems' Graflight engine, a clean sheet, compression ignition engine family in flat V-8 configuration capable of 250 to 450 horsepower. I was responsible for the entire certification program from creating the compliance check list and project specific certification plan to design approvals and assuring that the engine and tests cells for FAA purposes were conforming.

The services offered to my clients are pretty straightforward:

I'm fortunate to have many talented resources available to me, so I can provide a 'one-stop' engineering service to my clients, drawing on additional help as the projects require. My fees are hourly plus expenses, but fixed price quotations with defined scopes of work are available upon request.

Questions? You can email me at dave@dbraun99.com

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dbraun99 offers MG, Triumph, and other LBC Restoration Advice