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I'm careful doing the small jobs allowed under § 43.3 and A43.1 for owner assisted maintenance. If I tackle something larger, I make sure I have supervision. Luckily, I have this incredible hangar Diane put up to work in.

Wash job
SRS Push Pull Controls
Redoing Control lock (1)
Redoing Control lock (2)
Step for Chrislmas
Circuit Breakers (1)
Circuit Breakers (2)
Beech Tow Bar
New Towbar from Aircraft Spruce
Harness lead replacement on 3B
Spark plug maintenance
Run up after harness lead on 3B
Waiting for the lawn to dry
Fuel Drains
Fuel Drains
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Gee-Bee Valve Gasket Install
Polish Up Chip
Polish Up Chip
(9 Images)
Trouble shooting acc connections (1)
Trouble shooting acc connections (2)
Trouble shooting acc connections (3)
Starter Solenoid
Starter Solenoid
(5 Images)
Ships Battery
Ships Battery
(6 Images)

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