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The SU H 1-1/4 carburetors are simple. About the biggest thing is getting the jets centered. Unless someone in the distant past mixed up the pistons and the dashpots, and marked everything the same... I had rebushed the shafts when I last rebuilt them, and that wasn't needed this time around.

assy in deep pan
choke cable fastner
removing pistion
fast idle on choke
thottle stop position
after cleaning 2
EM ES AP EW needles
carburetors assembled jets centered
linkage reassembled
linkage reassembled back side
fuel filter goes in this way
banjos on float bowl covers
carb float bowl lids before pluging front lid
new rear lid with hole never drilled
front lid plugged wth JB Weld
Proper float bowl tops
carburetors complete
restrictor Rob Edwards
carburetors installed on engine
fuel overflow tubes
Old fuel bowl vent tubes
special washer to allow fuel bowl venting
fuel bowl vent tubes before bending
fuel vent tubes routing RHS 2
home made clamp for fuel bowl vent tubes
fuel vent tubes routing front
fuel vent tubes going through front bearer plate 2
working out ridges in rear float bowl arm 3
working out ridges in rear float bowl arm 2
working out ridges in rear float bowl arm
carb float bowl leaks at plug for transverse hole
air cleaner ready for blasting
air cleaner painted and detailed
air cleaner mounted
Fuel pump cleaned and ready
Fuel pump installed on firewall 2
Fuel pump installed on firewall
Revised linkage orientation
EM ES AP EW needles

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