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mgb smart stalk fault in spring contact on brights switch sma
mgb smart stalk spring contact disassembled
mgb smart stalk spring contact repaired
Heater blower switch inop
heater blower switch replaced subcounsel and radio work to co
fuel gauge now works
Replaced voltage stabilizer
current draw on starter was twice at 200 amps
new starter
disconnecting ground at battery
lower starter bolt removal
having fun removing the starter
looking for possible leak sources with the starter out
starter hole the clamp has to be moved
diane getting ready to put new starter in
new starter installed
cleaned up starter area
Ignition switch failure0001
Ignition switch failure0002
Ignition switch failure0003
Ignition switch failure0004
Maggie gets a new alternator0001
Maggie gets a new alternator0002
Maggie gets a new alternator0003
Maggie gets a new alternator0004
Maggie gets a new alternator0005
Maggie gets a new alternator0006
Maggie gets a new alternator0007
Maggie gets a new alternator0008
Maggie gets a new alternator0009
Burned white wires in Tachometer 01
Burned white wires in Tachometer 02
Burned white wires in Tachometer 04
Coil wire repair 02
Coil wire repair 03
Coil wire repair 04
Coil wire repair 05
Brake Switch Repair 02
Brake Switch Repair 04
Brake Switch Repair 06

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