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steering wheel out speedo calibration
Bjorn at APT evaluating Speedo
Tourist Trophy Wheel
MotoLita adapter hub
decorative center piece assembly for wheel
steering column cover broken pins removed
steering column cover brass bushing and SS pins
steering column cover finished
steering column cover drilling out broken pins
carving radio nose extender
dianes shopping basket to fix the speakers and other things
mounting strap for the front speakers
mounting rh front speaker
radio installation to avoid conflict with demisting ducts
RH front speaker installation
cleaning RTV out of the channel for the top gimpseal
LH speaker installation
dianes legs
rebuilt speedoometer installed
adding driver control stalks
fitting steering column trim
tourist trophey wheel installed
medalion in place
checking clearance of wheel 3
center console for sale
indy plaque on console from MG 1996
console glove box
console radio grille
original steering wheel for sale
Rubber motif damage
motif bracket

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