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We got lucky and had the windscreen replaced last season after a rather large rock went into it. So I only have to remount it (ONLY!)

Center Support Mount
RH Side mount bolts 01
RH Side mount bolts 02
Easing Windscreen up and out 01
Easing Windscreen up and out 02
Lower Corner rubber seals01
Lower Corner rubber seals02
Windscreen mounting hardware 01
Windscreen mounting hardware 02
Pulling rubber seal forward
Clamping windscreen stanchion in place to align holes
Extra long temp bolt in top position first then align lower hole by pushing windscreen up
Tightening center support bracket perhaps start these screws before setting side screws
Windscreen in position over dash top vinyl panel
Windscreen to vent window frame gap 01
Windscreen to vent window frame gap 02
ready for wiper blades
Wiper blades installed
VIN plate through the windscreen
Windscreen from inside- never distrubed the hanging frong pendant
Windscreen in place

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