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The prop shaft is a bit different from other cars I've restored as the engine and rear end are fixed with respect to each other and both unsprung. It will be interesting to delve into this little unit completely.

Rear prop shaft flange with proper bolts
with gearbox out propshaft ready to come out
withdrawing propshaft from the front
Propshaft ready for stripping and cleaning
Rear propshaft flange 01
Rear propshaft flange 02
Rear propshaft flange 03
OD Prop shaft U-Joint (1)
OD Prop shaft U-Joint (2)
Prop shaft front flange prepped and painted
Hand sanded and wire wheeled
Painted prop shaft
New Moog U-joint
Install U-Joint (1)
Install U-Joint (2)
Prop shaft at gearbox
CV end at Differential
Prop shaft installed

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