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Wiper motor is the wrong finish and it may not have been disassembled and cleaned. It certainly isn't greased.

Wrinkled painted wiper motor missing mounting pad
Washer bottle on firewall
Washer bottle bracket
demister duct needs to come out before the wiper rack
Windscreen wiper tubing and temperature control cable
Removing wrinkle painted cover
Wiper gear and cable drive
Clip to attach cable drive to driven gear
Slide for cable drive
Motor assembly
Brush assembly
Yellow wire location
Red wire location
Wrinkle painted wires and brush assembly
driven gear
Back side of connector and park switch
Driven gear reinstalled in stripped housing
Brush assembly in place with cleaned wires
Armature slid into place past brushes
Wires assembled to connector lucar blades
Lubricating wiper wheel housings (1)
Lubricating wiper wheel housings (2)
Ready for cable drive
Completed wiper motor (1)
Completed wiper motor (2)
Fitting actuation drive to motor
Mounting bosses look a bit catywampus
Wiper motor mounted to bulkhead (3)
Tudor bottle in place

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