Up Johnson 90hp 1990 » Removal and Undressing

Engine before teardown
Trim and Tilt Control box
Typical coil installation
Tim and tilt pack hidden ground
Starter solenoid installation
Main harness inline fuse and fuel filter
Port side reference
Ignition coils starboard side
Exhaust cover off
Exhaust cover gastket failure
Exhaust cover gasket failure 2
VRO detatched
carb linkage reference
grounding detail
gear case linkage
lower mounting nuts
ready to lift engine
engine on hoist
empty cradle
close up adaptor plate
trim and tilt to terminal strip
starter mount
Main harness to terminal strip
terminal strip
crankcase fuel recirc
throttle timing linkage
fuel recirculation line
timing trigger
crankshaft head brg adapter plate
bypass cover port side
clean lower cowl pan
lower unit covered

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