Up Bill Carrow's MG TD

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Bill has been working on his TD for decades. Joining in the fellowship of the MN MG T Register has helped him a great deal on planning and executing his project. Here is the progress...

Bill Carrow TD tub
TD rear quarter
Air cleaners
Air cleaners 2
Air cleaners 3
Ready to spin up for oil pressure
Engine ready to start
Engine ready to start 2
Battery Charger on Ign Circuit 2
Fuel pump going back
It runs 1
It runs 2
Happy Bill
Stripping and cleaning radiator tap
installing radiator in shell
Radiator and Grille installed
Radiator and Grille installed front
Radiator drain tap pipe
Dash mounted
Fuel pump with proper connectors
Installing hand brake cable housing 2
Starting cable and switch
Starter cable and switch installed
Properly installing steering wheel
Steering wheel right where Bill wants it
Front Splash Apron
Spare Tire Rack
Repairing choke cable
Choke cable finally installed
Under dash progress
Napping on the job
Wiring inside
Wiring flasher for Turn signals
Wiring instrument panel
Wiring instrument panel 2
Made in Englan plaque
Restored tail light assemblies
Left hand door fit fixed
Right hand door fit fixed
Properly shimming tub helped door fit
At Speidels for paint rework  01
At Speidels for paint rework  02
At Speidels for paint rework  03
At Speidels for paint rework  04
At Speidels for paint rework  05
Assembly GK 07
Assembly GK 08
Assembly GK 06
Assembly GK 09
Assembly GK 10
Assembly GK 11
Assembly GK 12
Assembly 01
Assembly 02
Assembly 03
Assembly GK 13
Assembly 04
Assembly 05
Final paint 01
Final paint 02
Final paint 03
Final paint 04
Final paint 05
Bill makes it to pool party 01
Carpet backing Moss Kit
carpet tunnel installation 01
carpet tunnel installation 02
Installing sound deadner 01
Installing sound deadner 02
Installing sound deadner 03
Reinstall seats 01
Reinstall seats 02
Reinstall seats 03
Seat bracket installation 01
Seat bracket installation 02
Seat bracket installation 03
Spriked ring fastners 01
Spriked ring fastners 02
Spriked ring fastners 03

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