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Assembly and installation of the radiator and grille. Eventually, when I filled it with coolant, I discovered some problems which needed to be corrected. Hint: When you fill your radiator, make sure your funnel doesn't also fill the overflow tube, or you will spend some time chasing a non-existent leak!

nose piece and emblem in place
Installing grille
JB Weld grille surround stud
Protecting grille stats while installing the radiator
Lining up the shell and radiator mounting holes
Shell and radiator assy
Protecting radiator from fan and shims to mount hardware
Radiator Mounting bolts
Installing bonnet rub strip on shell
Mounted radiator
Radiator installed0001
Radiator installed0002
Dave happy with the radiator
Grit from block
Draining block
While draining can also see failure mode
Removing old upper hose
Removing old upper hose 2
Removing old upper hose 3
Splits show in old hose
New hose in place marker plugs drain hole 2
Block drain tap replacement
Block drain tap original
Block drain tap original cleaned
Block drain tap handle pin
Block drain tap handle repair
Repaired original block drain tap
Flushing system 1
Flushing system 2
Repaired drain tap does not leak
Water temp bulb
Installed bracket supports

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