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The hood sticks are stripped, primed and painted, the front bow assembled, and the fabric is installed. The rear rails are installed so the hood has something to anchor to in the rear. I'm using snaps instead of screws for easier access to the rear compartment.

Prep sanding hood bows 1
Prep sanding hood bows 2
Priming hood bows 1
Priming hood bows 2
Painting hood bows 1
Painting hood bows 2
Bending top bow wood
Rear top rails in place
Rear top rails overlap 03
Rear top rails overlap 01
Tub masked and sanding overlaps 01
Tub masked and sanding overlaps 02
Fitted top rails
Polyurethan top rails
twenty and a half inch stick
Hood sticks holes located and drilled
Hood sticks installed
Test fitting top bow wood
fitting top bow wood to frame
padding tob bow
preliminary check of hood sticks
Darts for weather excluder LH
Darts for wing nut barrel
Installing the excluder
gathers for top bow LH
Row of snap studs every five inches
Side snap studs RH
Finding cetner of the top bow
Fitting the side stay 02
forwared snap detail RH
forwared snap detail RH showing flap
forwared snap detail LH
Front trim dart 04
Front trim dart 01
trimming front excess
installed hood exterior 01
installed hood exterior 02
installed hood exterior 03
installed hood interior 00
installed hood interior 01

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